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Spring 1996

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Muffy Wish List

Muffy VanderBear is a 7" tall, fully-jointed, golden plush bear with a hand-stitched nose. She is the littlest member of the VanderBear Family and has special outfits and accessories all her own.

Christening - Introduced in 1984. Muffy joins the VanderBear Family wearing a white christening gown.

Valentine I - Introduced Spring 1986. A romantic white eyelet dress with red heart necklace and bow. Retired in 1989.

Halloween "Witch" - Introduced Fall 1986. Muffy goes "trick-or-treating" in a mask, witch's hat and dress, complete with a hand-held pumpkin. Retired in 1988.

Halloween "Black Cat" - Introduced Fall 1988. Muffy looks just precious dressed as a black cat. Complete with hand-held mask. Retired Spring 1995.

Valentine II - Introduced Spring 1989. Muffy's heart is on her sleeve in her new Valentine gown. Her dress has tiny heart print and heart-shaped buttons in back. Retired in 1991.

Bunny - Introduced Spring 1989. Little Muffy masquerades as a VanderBunny for the Easter Egg Hunt on the Great Lawn.

Angel - Fall 1989 boxed limited edition. Muffy is at her celestial best in a heavenly gold-trimmed blue gown, adorned with wings and a halo.

Pilgrim - Introduced Fall 1989. Muffy looks like she just stepped off the Mayflower in her black and white pilgrim dress and bonnet. Complete with colorful pet turkey.

Muffy Valentine III - Introduced Spring 1990. Muffy is easy to love in her heart-strewn romper and pink Mary-Janes, carrying her own valentine card. Retired Spring 1994.

St. Patrick's Day - Introduced Spring 1990. Young Muffeen is the Pride of the Irish in her shamrock dress with coordinating bow and bloomers.

Chick - Introduced Spring 1990. Muffy's queen of the roost in her "chick" new playsuit. Complete with attached wings and chicken head hood. Retired Spring 1994.

At the Beach - Introduced Spring 1990. Our bathing beauty is in the swim with bikini, matching kerchief and monogrammed towel. (Look for coordinating beach chair and umbrella.)

Back to School - Introduced Fall 1990. Muffy and her new friend Hoppy VanderHare, are ready for school in their number-print dresses with red berets, Mary-Janes and school bags. (Look for coordinating Muffy Watch, school desk and notebook.) Retired Fall 1993.

Little Fir Tree - Fall 1990 boxed limited edition. Muffy is costumed in green organdy and satin with a star and holly headdress, satin slippers and a partridge.

Mommy and Me - Introduced Spring 1991. Muffy and her mother, Alice wear coordinating dresses with a teacup and pansy motif. (Look for coordinating furniture, tea set and Muffy's picture frame.) Retired Fall 1994.

Easter Fantasy - Introduced Spring 1991. Muffy and Hoppy wear crisp organdy pinafores with matching bloomers and straw hats. Easter pets nest in the baskets they carry. Retired Fall 1995.

Paw De Deux - Introduced Spring 1991. Muffy and Hoppy practice ballet at the barre in their fluffy tutus, ballet shoes and flowered head-bows.

Snowbear - Fall 1991 boxed limited edition. Muffy is snuggled in a fluffy snowsuit with "coal" buttons. She has a carrot nose, plaid scarf, twig broom and a black hat with a cardinal and holly.

Underthings - Introduced Fall 1991. Muffy and Hoppy each have a set of teddys, bloomers and panties in coordinated dots, stripes and flowers.

Ballet Recital - Introduced Fall 1991. Muffy and Hoppy prepare for the recital in their grand white tulle and satin costumes complete with sparkle toe-shoes and silvery crowns. Retired Fall 1994.

Fortune Tellers - Introduced Fall 1991. Muffy Gypsy wears a richly detailed peasant-styled paisley dress complete with gold coins, matching vest, slippers and headscarf. Hoppy Genie wears an elaborate moon-and-star strewn midriff top and brocade bloomers complete with gold coins, a turban with feathers and curled toe slippers. (Look for coordinating fortune telling accessories.)

Butterfly - Introduced Fall 1991 as the first limited edition piece available to Muffy VanderBear Club members only. Retired Fall 1993.

Down On The Farm - Introduced Valentine/Easter 1992. Muffy is ready for farm adventures in her blue and white sundress complete with bonnet and blue shoes. Patti the Cow, Mary the Lamb, Rudy the Pig, Lucy the Goose,and Webster the Duck are Muffy's new Farm Friends.

Dutch Treat - Introduced Valentine/Easter 1992. Muffy and Hoppy dress in blue and white traditional costumes of Holland. Both costumes include caps with golden blond braids and hand-carved wooden shoes. Retired Spring 1995.

Muffy Mail - Introduced Spring 1992. Stationery items featuring Muffy and her pals.

Cherry Pie - Introduced Spring 1992. Muffy and her father, Cornelius, wear coordinating baking outfits with a cherry motif. (Look for Muffy's pie cupboard and cherry pie.)

Yankee Doodle - Introduced Spring 1992. Muffy and Hoppy celebrate the 4th of July in red, white and blue finery. Retired Spring 1984.

Rainy Day - Introduced Fall 1992. Muffy and Hoppy stay dry in their new bright yellow and blue slickers and rainboots. (Look for coordinating personalized umbrellas.)

Gingerbear - Fall 1992 boxed limited edition. Muffy is dressed like a gingerbread cookie in brown velour with white "icing" trim and "gumdrop" buttons. Muffy has her own recipes and comes in a gingerbread gift box.

Flower Festival - Introduced Valentine/Easter 1993. Muffy and Hoppy wear dotted Swiss dresses decorated with floral ribbon trim. Matching bloomers and flower garland head-bows complete their outfits. Collection introduces new friends, Bud and Rose. Retired Spring 1995, except Bud and Rose.

Kyoto Blossoms - Introduced Valentine/Easter 1993. In honor of the annual Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival. Muffy and Hoppy wear kimonos printed with cherry blossom motifs with coordinating odi sashes and matching head-bows. (Look for coordinating accessories.)

The Sewing Lesson - Introduced Spring 1993. Big sister, Fluffy, teaches Muffy and Hoppy how to sew aprons for their blue and yellow dresses made of custom- designed fabric color-coordinated tape measure head-bows and newly designed shoes. (Look for Collectors Thimbles and Sewing Tin with fabric to make aprons.)

Horsin' Around - Introduced Fall 1993. Muffy and Hoppy are attired in traditional English style equestrienne jackets, jodhpurs and top hats with bows. Oatsie wears a new leaterette saddle, jockey cap with a bow and a bridle.

Travels with Muffy - Introduced Fall 1993. Muffy is ready to tour the world in her pale blue brush twill coat with custom buttons, velvet collar and cuffs. Her passport is tied into her coat pocket with a satin ribbon. Velvety finished shoes and hat complete her ensemble. (Look for Muffy's Travel Diary and Travel Watch in its own Tin Case.)

Snowflake - Fall 1993 boxed limited edition. Muffy floats on the winter wind in her silvery snowflake costume. The intricately cut jacket, snowflake strewn velvet skirt with sparkly net underskirt, iridescent wand, and snowflake crown transform Muffy into a winter princess. Her illustrated ice palace box includes a certificate of authenticity.

Rose - Introduced Fall 1993 as the second limited edition piece available to Muffy VanderBear Club members only. Retired Spring 1995.

Walking in Eggshells - Introduced Valentine/Easter 1994. Muffy and Hoppy practice decorating eggs wearing pastel colored playsuits and eggshell caps. Minature swatch cards are tied to their wrists. (Look for the Egg Decorating Kit and Egg Cups.) Retired Fall 1994.

Collector Eggs - Introduced Valentine/Easter 1994. Muffy and Hoppy pose inside beautiful hand-painted resin eggs. Four different eggs available: Muffy Bunny, Muffy Chick, Muffy Easter Fantasy, Hoppy Easter Fantasy.

The Queen of Hearts and the Bunny Knave - Introduced Valentine /Easter 1994. Muffy and Hoppy recreate the classic nursery rhyme dressed royally in custom designed cotton prints. Muffy wears a regal crown and French court shoes while Hoppy wears a peppermint swirl hat, slippers and has a joker up her sleeve. (Look for the Love Note Stationery Set and Rubber Stamp and Ink Pad.)

10th Anniversary - Spring 1994 boxed limited edition. Muffy celebrates her 10th anniversary in a crisp French blue taffeta dress with a two-tiered scalloped skirt decorated with gold lace and velvety pansies. Coordinating patent party shoes, a crown of 10 pretend candles and fully-illustrated gift box help celebrate a decade of dressing up. (Look for coordinating boxed Ornament and Pin.)

Boudoir Collection - Introduced Spring 1994. Muffy greets the morning in a cream colored, embroidered cottonpique robe that ties with jacquard ribbons. Coordinating quilted satin beauty mask and delicate bows and matching fur-trimmed slippers complete the cozy collection. (Look for coordinating Dressing Screen, Vanity, and Bench, and Vanity Accessories.)

Tricky Treat Trio - Introduced Fall 1994. Muffy and Hoppy go trick-or- treating in their new Halloween costumes. Muffy dresses up as Countess Muffula complete with cape while Hoppy dresses in burlap as a Harecrow. Oatsie creeps thru the night as an Oaterpillar. (Look for coordinating Sticker Book and Paper Decorations.)

Bathtime - Introduced Fall 1994. Muffy and Hoppy are ready for their bubble bath in their new brightly colored, reversible terry robes with coordinating washmitts. (Look for Pitcher and Bowl, Washstand, Tub and Towels.)

Muffy of the North - Fall 1994 boxed limited edition. Muffy is ready for the coldest temperatures in her Eskimo parka with sueded boots and mittens. Muffy and her pet white seal come in their very own igloo-shaped box.

Pajama Game - Introduced Valentine/Easter 1995. Bedtime games for Fuzzy, Fluffy, Muffy and Hoppy in their coordinating cotton P.J. sets. All have fleece slippers and Muffy wears a nightcap and goes to bed with a toy sheep while Hoppy sleeps with a toy kitty-cat. (Look for Nightstand, Quilt and Lamp.)

One Minuet More - Introduced Valentine/Easter 1995. Muffy and Hoppy practice Mozart and, as always, are properly dressed for the occasion. Muffy wears a frock coat, breeches and vest made complete with her court shoes and powdered wig, while Hoppy wears an 18th century taffeta dress trimmed in lace with gold shoes and tricome hat. (Look for Spinet with bench and Little Theatre.)

Checkmates - Introduced Spring 1995. Muffy and Hoppy love to play chess in their brightly colored linen pinafores with coordinating Mary Janes. Both wear a beautifully illustrated bandana showing Muffy and Hoppy playing chess. (Look for Checkmate Chairs, Table and Chess Set.)

Princess Muffy and the Pea - Introduced Spring 1995 as the third limited edition piece available to Muffy VanderBear Club members only.

Czarina Muffina - Introduced Fall 1995. Stepping out from her winter palace in velvety-gold, embroidered boots. Muffy is dressed in a traditional Russian costume from the Imperial Era. Her velveteen head dress is embroidered in a swirl of gold and pearls. Includes black velboa swan.

Muffy Mouse - Fall 1995 boxed limited edition. Inspired by the famous poem, "Twas the Night Before Christmas," Muffy is the ever-stirring mouse. Her Edwardian style costume includes a whiskered rubber nose, be-bowed pink tail and "swiss cheesy" lace-up slippers. Muffy comes with an extra large, personalized striped stocking and a plate of cheese and crackers. The famous poem is featured on her beautifully illustrated box.

Sleddin' and Skidaddlin' - Introduced Fall 1995. Muffy, Hoppy and Lulu spend an afternoon frolicing in the snow in Bearmont. Muffy and Hoppy will stay nice and warm in their smart looking Norwegian-inspired, hand-knit sweaters, corduroy knickers tassled caps and lace-up ski boots. Lulu will stay warm and dry in her hand-knit sweater and tassled hood. (Look for Muffy's and Hoppy's matching Back Packs, Scarfs and Mittens, Skis and Poles, and Sled.)

Spring Bonnets - Introduced Valentine/Easter 1996. Muffy, Hoppy and Lulu have gone mad as hatters! Our bonnet loving beauties have gloriously transformed a sitting room of VanderBear Manor into their oen magical hat shop, Le Chapeau Magique. With ribbons curling and colors swirling, these "silly millies" nip and tuck formless fluff and...voila! - three of the most fashion-forward hats ever seen in the Easter Parade. (Look for the jewelry tin accessory.)

Hearts and Flowers - Introduced Valentine/Easter 1996. Muffy is the cutest little valentine in a true heart breaker of a dress of cherry red and white. A delicate lace heart is set in to the bodice, and printed border motif of cross- stitched hearts and flowers dance around the skirt. She carries a cotton batiste hanky edged with lace and embroidered with hearts and flowers. Red Mary Janes and organza bow with "forget-me-nots" make her a real heart stopper!

Take A Hike - Introduced Spring 1996. Ever since forming the Take a Hike Society, the VanderBear family has planned to explore the wide world beyond VanderBear Manor. Here, the wonders of nature in the early bloom of spring have stopped them in their very tracks!

Reading - Introduced Spring 1996. Muffy's love of letters leads her to scale new literary heights, as Purrlie struggles to purr-fect her reading skills. Our be-spectacled bookworm loves nothing better than to curl up in her rocker and read a really good autobearography. Although she's spellbound by every book she sees, Muffy is particularly partial to her own work, A to Z by M. V. deB. at t Happy Birthday - Introduced Spring 1996. Muffy has decided to celebrate everyone's birthday and rises to the occasion with definitive Vanderflair. To suit the moment, she and Hoppy have dressed in party-colored taffeta and have made fanciful paper hats for everyone. Lulu, at the ready in her lace collar and "feathered" paper party hat, can't wait to sneak a little cake off the party-perfect table. Hoppy, with a button-on tail in hand, is looking to Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Oatsie.

Pierrot - Introduced Spring 1996. In honor of her first appearance in a Collector's Edition, Muffy VanderBear fancies herself as Pierrot, the classic mime of french theater. For Muffy, it isn't just a charade. This limited engagement has inspired her pantalooned arrival in 20,000 individually numbered pieces...a silent clown poised for resounding success.

Cheerleading Collection - Introduced Fall 1996. Muffy and Hoppy have the team spirit in pleated corduroy skirts, white varsity sweaters and matching headbows and saddle shoes. Lulu is the team mascot in a "cheer"-fully embroidered hooded sweater. Go Bears, Hares and Pups!! ( Look for cheerleading accessories (pennant, megaphone, pom poms) in specially designed box with four cut-out trading cards on back.)

Muffy the Red-nosed ReinBear - Fall 1996 boxed limited edition. Muffy dons "reinbear" fur jumpsuit to celebrate the holiday season. Separate hood is fully rigged with sueded antlers, ears and of course, Rudolph-red pom pom nose. Brown mitts and "hoof" slippers cleverly disguise her paws. Green felt pouch with Santa doll keeps Muffy on her midnight course. Specially designed house box has chimney and a window which opens.

A Salad Ballad - Waltz of the Vegetables - Introduced Spring 1997. Fluffy tends the garden in a vegetable patterned apron, canvas hat and glove. Appearing as a misty vision, Muffy Queen of the Eggplants in elegant purple and Hoppy an Extra Ear-ly Carrot in bright orange perform a garden ballet. Lulu is disguised as a ripe red tomato while Purrlie prances through the vegetable patch as a tender pea pod. (Look for benchbarrow, boxed watering can and gardening tools, apron and tote, and adult-sized apron and tote.)

Square Dancing - Skip to my Lulu - Introduced Spring 1997. Muffy and Hoppy shake up the barn in western attire. Bandanna-print skirts and country tops with checkered hairbows make this the Hoe-down of the year. Patti the Cow wears coordinating vest and sueded cowboy boots while Lulu promenades in a tiered circle skirt and custom-print bandanna. (Look for Square Dancing accessories.)

The Messenger of Love! - Introduced Spring 1997. In Hoppy VanderHare's second solo appearance, she sports cross-backed red and white striped overalls, high-top sneakers with heart embroidery and denim colored messenger's cap. Coordinating mail pouch with buckle contains a special letter for the Valentine of your choice. (Look for zippy red Harely Davidson wooden scooter with carrot handle grips.)

E.R.,O.R.,&R.n'R.:Mercy Me Hospital - Introduced Spring 1997. Top Doc Hoppy MD in authentic green surgical scrubs and clogs is assisted by Head Nurse Muffy wearing crisp white uniform. Lulu the Sick Pup in hospital gown awaits leg cast and lollipop treats. (Look for wooden Ambulance and Doctor's Bag with medical supplies.)

Lemonade Stand:5 cents a Glass - Introduced Spring 1997. Muffy and Hoppy serve lemonade in pastel spring dresses with lemon slice pockets, jelly shoes and matching hats. Chief taste tester Purrlie parades around in Sourpuss Cafe sandwich boards. (Look for Lemonade Stand & Aprons and boxed set of glasses & pitcher.)

Abra CadaBeara: Hoppus Poke-Us - Spring 1997 boxed Collector's Edition, individually numbered and limited to 10,000, featuring Hoppy VanderHare. The Great Hoppus Poke-Us shares her magic in caped black tuxedo. With a tap of the magic stick, an endless scart appears and the tiny Muffionette is pulled from the black hat. Gypsy style caravan box holds collection.

Scared Stiff:Foolish Ghoulish - Introduced Fall 1997. Muffy, Hoppy, Lulu and Purrlie are a fiendish delight in creepy costumes. Devil-May-Care Muffy wears red devil suit with tail and horns and black shoes with glow-in-the dark "M". Bunny Bones Hoppy glows-in-the-dark in skeleton jumpsuit. Both tricksters carry bags for treats. Lulu the ghost and Purrlie the Bat Cat join the fun with illuminating accents. (Look for VanderFan t-shirts.)

Candy C'Angel - Fall 1997 boxed limited edition. Dreaming of puffy clouds, happy children and sweet treats, Muffy appears in red and white dress with peppermint buttons and pantalcons. Holiday green belt and shoes with golden laces, candy cane halo and angel wings make her a heavenly delight. Muffy comes with Purrlie cat charm and specially designed cloud box.

Paris Bistrot:La Lapin Rotund - Introduced in Fall 1997. Muffy, Hoppy and Lulu Ze Poodle cook up some fun in a Paris bistrot. Muffy plays her concertina in sailor toop and blue skirt with beret and black heels. Hoppy brews her stew wearing chef's jacket and pants complete with "Le Lapin Rotund" chef hat. Maitre D'og Lulu is ever so chic in designer pompomed poodle suit. (Look for table and chairs with menu board, Bistrot food set with apron/ tablecloth, and Bistrot Backdrop.)

Glass Ornaments - Introduced Fall 1997. Four glass ball ornaments feature Muffy boxed holiday limited editions from past and present: pearlescent Muffy of the North, blue Muffy ReinBear, red Muffy Mouse, and green Candy C'angel.

Muffy Tree Topper - Introduced Fall 1997. Muffy presides over holiday festivities perched upon the Christmas tree. Wearing red taffeta gown with star accents, golden angel wings and halo, Muffy holds ribbon with season's greetings: "Peace on Earth...Love Muffy"

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