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Spring 1996

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Winter 1996 Catalog

Muffy Reinbear

Muffy The Red-nosed ReinBear

What's that we hear? Up on the rooftop, ReinBear paws! Disguised as the legendary leader of Santa's team of midnight fliers, Muffy rehearses for the big event. Airborne or not, her adorable outfit will win hearty approval from St. Nick. The Muffy VanderBear Collection 1996 Limited Edition.

The Cheerleading Collection

Cheerleading Collection

"Go...Go...Go Fur It!" Zis Boom Bear! A Pup and a Hare! It's cheers we share, that others wouldn't dare! With Team Spirit, Muffy, Hoppy and Lulu cheer each other on. Go Bears, Hares and Pups!

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