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Spring 1996

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(Very Important Bears®)

Father of Bearide

Starring Elizabear Taylor™ and Spencebear Tracy™

Father of the Bearide

Here comes Elizabear Taylor, as the blushing bearide, dressed in white satin and lace. Her handsome father, Spencebear Tracy, wears a classic morning suit with vest, bow tie and rose boutonniere. Both are 20" bears.

Cyrano de Beargerac™

Cyrano de Beargerac
"Who nose love better?"
This 17th Century romantic wears a velvet and satin lace trimmed waistcoat, satin breaches, and a musketeer-style felt hat with an ostrich plume.
(20" tall)

Bearlie Chaplin™

Bearlie Chaplin
"The Little Tramp"
Wears his classic costume: mustache, baggy pants, jacket, bowler and cane.
(20" tall)

Bearb Ruth®

Bearb Ruth
"All-Abearican Champion"
Our super slugger is a hero in the clubhouse.
(20" tall)

Albeart Einstein®

Albeart Einstein
"The Thinking Man's Bear"
Scientific genius expounds on relativity in his E=MC^2 T-shirt.
(20" tall)

The Honeyspooners

Ralph Krambear™,Alice Krambear™,and Ted Norton™

The Honeyspooners
"Bear! Zoom! To the moon!"
Our tribute to the classic 50s TV series.
(20" tall)

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