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Spring 1996

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VanderBear Family History

Fully-jointed with hand-stitched noses and rich golden plush, the VanderBears are classic collectors' bears. The family includes father Cornelius(20" tall), mother Alice(18" tall), brother Fuzzy(12" tall), sister Fluffy(12" tall), and baby Muffy(7" tall).

Classic Velvet - Introduced in 1983. White lace and black velvet formal wear. The original collection includes Cornelius, Alice, Fuzzy and Fluffy. Retired in 1988.

Muffy - Introduced in 1984. The littlest member of the family joins wearing a white christening gown.

Red Flannel Holiday Collection - Limited holiday edition for Fall 1985. Cozy cotton, red plaid nightgowns and lounge wear.

Cruisewear - Introduced Spring 1986. Cheery red, white and blue nautical outfits for all. Retired in 1988, Muffy in 1991.

Taffeta Holiday Collection - Limited holiday edition for Fall 1986. Elegant blue and green taffeta and velvet finery for the whole family.

Day in the Country - Introduced Spring 1987. Denim chambray picnic clothes, complete with breezy straw hats. Retired in 1989, Muffy in 1991.

Nutcracker Suite - Limited holiday edition for Fall 1987. Dressed in colorful ballet costumes, each member of the family assumes a role in this favorite holiday story.

Out of it in Africa - Introduced Spring 1988. Safari wear, pith helmets and camping accessories for all. Retired in 1991, Muffy in 1992.

Furrier & Ives - Limited holiday edition for Fall 1988. The VanderBears glide into the holiday season sporting their fur-trimmed skating outfits.

High Tea - Introduced Spring 1989. Wearing pink and blue organdy trimmed in lace, the family relaxes for an afternoon of English tea. (Look for Wicker Chair.) Retired Fall 1991, Wicker Chair Spring 1992, and Muffy Fall 1992.

Tree Trimming - Limited holiday edition for Fall 1989. The family decks the halls of VanderBear Manor in candy-colored greens and red. (Look for Cookie Plate, Scottie Dog, Christmas Tree, and Sofa).

Gibearny - Introduced Spring 1990. A collection celebrating the romantic lavender-hues in Monet's Water Lily paintings of the French gardens at Gibearny. (Look for Garden Bench) Retired Spring 1993, Muffy Fall 1993.

Remembearances - Introduced Spring 1990. Alice and Cornelius remember their resplendent wedding day in this elegant wedding collection. Retired in 1991.

Musical Soiree - Introduced Fall 1990. The VanderBears practice a spirited Shubeartide elegantly dressed in purple velvet adorned with lavender bows. (Look for Stradibearius, Christmas Tree and Chaise Lounge.)Retired in 1991, Accessories 1990 and Muffy in 1992.

Sweet Dreams - Introduced Fall 1990. The VanderBears prepare for bedtime in white, old-fashioned nightwear. (Look for Muffy's Teddy Bear). Retired Fall 1992, Muffy Spring 1993.

Wild West - Introduced Spring 1991. The family hits the open range in costumes inspired by the Old West. Collection also introduces Oatsie, Muffy's new pony. Retired Spring 1994, Muffy and Oatsie Fall 1994.

Bal Masque - Introduced Fall 1991. The VanderBears are set for a spectacular party as they prepare for their Commedia Dell Arte Ball, evoking the illusion and romance that was the sixteenth century Italian comedy. Hoppy and Oatsie even join in the fun. ( Look for Recamier.) Retired Fall 1992, Muffy, Hoppy and Oatsie Spring 1993.

Picnic - Introduced Spring 1992. Inspired by classic red and white tablecloth check, the VanderBears are dressed and ready for their family outing. (Look for coordinating tablecloth/napkin set and picnic basket.) Retired Spring 1995, Picnic basket Spring 1993, Muffy Spring 1990.

Alpine - Introduced Fall 1992. The VanderBears celebrate winter in traditional Tyrolean folk costumes in red, green and gray. Hoppy and Oatsie join the winter celebration as well. (Look for Muffy's Alpine Tree and Alpine Sleigh which Oatsie pulls.) Retired Fall 1993, Muffy, Hoppy, Oatsie, Sleigh and Alpine Tree Spring 1994.

A Taste of Honey "VDBeekeeping" - Introduced Spring 1993. Sporting traditional black stripes on sturdy cotton mattress ticking Cornelius, Alice, Fuzzy and Fluffy are adorned with the custom bee-themed labels and neckerchiefs. Muffy and Hoppy are adorably costumed as a honeybee and ladybug. (Look for porcelain Honey Jars and Sticker Book.) Retired Fall 1996, Muffy, Hoppy and all the accessories Spring 1997.

Highland Fling - Introduced Fall 1993. The VanderBears dress in traditional Scottish dance costumes of corduroy thistle prints and sweaters. A custom plaid theme with gold accents complete with argyle socks. Collection introduces Muffy's new dog, Lulu MacFluff. (Look for Snowdome, Wreath, Stocking as well as coordinating accessories for Lulu: a bed, brush, bowl tag and leash.) Retired Fall 1994, Muffy, and Hoppy Spring 1995.

North Pole - Introduced Fall 1994. The VanderBears take over Santa's workshop dressed as local Lapplanders in colorful red, blue and gold. Cornelius, Alice and Fluffy are costumed in traditional folk dress while Fuzzy dresses up as a toy robot, Muffy as Santa, Hoppy as an elf and Lulu as a reindeer. (Look for Sled Sack of Toys, Trim-A-Tree Kit, Water Ball and Wrapping Paper.) Retired Fall 1995, Muffy, Hoppy, Lulu and all the accessories Fall 1996.

All Paws on Deck - Introduced Spring 1995. The VanderBears set sail in search of buried treasure. Hoppy and Lulu join the family all attired in sharp navy, white and red sailor colors. Cornelius, Alice, Muffy and Hoppy wear espradrilles, Lulu wears a life preserver, and Muffy carries the treasure hunt map. (Look for Muffy's wooden Boat.)

New England Country Christmas - Introduced Fall 1995. In keeping with a New England spirit, the VanderBears celebrate in plaids and muslins, subtly accented with charming stenciled art. Hoppy and Lulu join in the fun as the Family celebrates the holidays by baking and enjoying togetherness. (Look for Muffy's Hot Chocolate Set, Country Christmas Table & Chairs and the Country Christmas Cookie Tin.) Retired Spring 1997, Muffy, Hoppy, Lulu and hot chocolate set Fall 1997,

Paint The Town Red - Introduced Valentine/Easter 1996. Cornelius and Alice premier as a numbered, limited edition of 4500 each. Celebrating a romantic evening without the little ones, Alice is stunning in crushed red velvet dancing with dashing Cornelius in check pants and striped shirt with attached Valentine box of Love Tokens.

Take a Hike - Introduced Spring 1996. The VDB family takes "A Walk on the Wylde Side". Cornelius and Fuzzy lead the expedition in barn jackets and pants. Alice and Fluffy spruce up the scene in coordinating smocks and tam hats. Muffy and Hoppy frolic in plaid pants, special print jackets and hiking caps with ear flaps. All tread lightly in matching brown moccasins. (Look for rustic log bench.)

A Christmas Carol - Introduced Fall 1996. Well-rehearsed and warmly dressed, the VanderBears perform spirited renditions of holiday favorites. Deep forest green velvet dominates the collection with woolly red and gray plaids, red satin and white "fur" accents. Hoppy, Lulu and Oatsie join the chorus. (Look for landau (carriage), lantern and muff/reticule set). Retired Spring 1997 except for Muffy, Hoppy, Lulu, and accessories; Landau Fall 1997, Oatsie Spring 1998.

Puttering Around - Introduced Spring 1997. Numbered limited edition of 3500 sets features Cornelius and Alice on the greens of Edinbeargh. Cornelius tees off in knickers, red shirt and argyle vest. Alice is par for course in ivory skirt and golf sweater. Hats and two-tone shoes keep the dashing duo on the fashion fairway. Set includes designer golf bag with ball, tee and clubs.

Portrait in Black and White - Introduced Fall 1997. Elegant in black velvet and plaid, the legendary VanderBear Family pose for a holiday portrait. Hoppy, Lulu and Purrlie complete the picture and enjoy the spirit of the season. Limited edition gifts are specially commissioned by Cornelius to commemorate the occasion. (Look for piano music box, limited edition gifts. VanderFan silk scarf, and pinafore & headband.)

Display Sofa - Available Fall 1997. Decorative customized Chippendale-style sofa for store display. Upholstered in white cotton twill with black buttons and taffeta trim, this sturdy 33"W x 20"H x 19"D store display seats the entire VanderBear Family or a small child.

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