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Spring 1996

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Easter 1996 Catalog

Cornelius and Alice: Paint the Town Red

All dressed up and everywhere to go, our romantic couple is ready to "Paint the Town Red." "Alice would be a great dancer if it weren't for two things - her feet!" jokes the dashingly handsome Cornelius VanderBear. "Cornelius does a terrific tango - no matter what the band is playing," his adoring Alice teases.

Limited Edition of 4500 Pieces

Cocoa Bunny

Cocoa Bunny

"Delivering treats for Easter is as much a bunny's business as it is a bear's" said Muffy. Hoppy agreed and suited up as the Cocoa Bunny to harvest the field of chicken peeps she had planted just in time for Easter.

Spring Bonnets

Spring Bonnets: The Silly Milly-nery Collection

Muffy, Hoppy and Lulu have gone mad as hatters! Our bonnet loving beauties have gloriously transformed a sitting room of VandeBear Manor into their own magical hat shop, Le Chapeau Magique. With ribbons curling and colors swirling, these "silly millies" nip and tuck formless fluff and ... voila! - three of the most fashion- forward hats ever seen in the Easter Parade.

Hearts and Flowers

Muffy Hearts and Flowers

In Matters of the heart, Muffy gets to the heart of the matter.

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