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Santa's Helpbear

Santa's Helpbear

Modern technology is essential, even for elves. It's Christmas Eve and thanks to the nifty "thingamajig" he has invented, Santa's Helpbear is free to relax while toys are churned out one by one. Have no fear, if his wacky gizmo breaks down, he can always go back to his old-fashioned tools-of-the-trade. Santa's Helpbear is available in a limited edition of 5,000 pieces, numbered on a satin ribbon sewn across his paw.

Bearilyn Monroe

Bearilyn Monroe

"Gentleman Pre-fur Blondes" - This baby-faced blonde has eyes that open for diamonds and close for kisses. She's "stuffed" into an alluring hot pink and black satin gown, and decked with diamonds at her throat and ears. Bearilyn is the first non-holiday VIB available in a limited edition of 4,000 pieces. She is numbered on a satin ribbon sewn into her paw.

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